AKUN Co. Ltd. is a nationally established architectural and engineering (A/E) and technical consultancy firm that conducts business in Turkey and abroad. Akun’s business has evolved  to encompass a wide range of interrelated services. Included are palnning, tecnical studies, architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, civil and structural, mechanical, electrical, infrastructural engineering and technical consultancy services.

Our mission is ‘’working with our clients to plan and design buildings that contribute value to the environment.’’ The expectations are the quality of life for users and visitors, as well as promoting productivity will be profoundly enhanced. We are convinced quality architecture and engineering as a result is really the physical manifestation of people and good ideas working together. Our objective is each completed project should reflect the spirit, opportunity and personality of its owner.The essence of our professional practice is thus "serving clients, not projects"

We provide the most efficient and effective service to our clients by bringing architecture and engineering together in a single organization. Engineering is an integral part of building design, providing the tecnhnological systems, which transform architectural concepts into safe and comfortable places. Because we consider buildings from this dual perspective, a guiding principle of AKUN is to design facilities, which are efficient to operate and maintain. Conceptually, we believe the building sciences of architecture and engineering cannot be separated.

Computers contribute to every aspect  of our business. CADD (Computer-aided design) and planning capabilities and permit design alternatives to be quickly and thoroughly explored.

AKUN is committed to providing quality design and quality service. This commitment to quality begins with the firm’s leaders. All projects are the responsibility of the firm’s principals who lead the team effort. Our principals share a common philosophy –The needs of the project transcend any other organizational formalities. All members of the organization are focused on the project mission. Ultimately, we measure our success on how effective we are in contributing to the success of our clients.